Modern style

Modern style is still dominated in the design of houses. If you choose to design your home in a modern style, you should pay attention to the fact that modern style prefers open spaces, which is why kitchen often takes the central part of the home, the space that the whole family can gather. It is important to plan it well because the division of house into different zones is at the expense of using less furniture.

Brick and wood elements are used in modern interiors. When designing the interior, natural and environmentally friendly materials, wood and stone are preferred.

color palette

In modern style design interior designers prefer to use natural and pastel colors. In the type of space where such tones prevail, you will feel more comfortable. Designers recommend using light and natural shades like khaki, milky chocolate, rouge and cream colors. In such shades, you will feel comfortable and protected, and it will also help you unwind

Main features

The modern style is constantly changing, but the basic features remain unchanged. This style is characterized by minimalism, simplicity and comfort. It is characterized by neutral colors, geometric furniture and only those items and attributes necessary for everyday life.