Architectural project of private house

Modern architecture is based on innovative technologies and constructions. This style was founded in the first half of the 20th century. It can be said that it started in Germany with the Bauhaus, with the Lev Corpus in France, and with Frank Lloyd in America. However, Corpusier's contribution to the perception of modern architecture is noteworthy because of his ability to synthesize this style, design and creativity

About the project

If you love composure and want to be close to nature, this project is for you.  At first glance the cold and rough facade is quite friendly and warm. This is the clear contrast that led to the project's main composite solution particularly high stained glass, transparent interior and stone facade. The emergence of the winter garden echoes that idea. Greening, whether interior or exterior, has a positive effect on our physical or mental health. The garden is a place where stress is reduced and social interactions increase.

Materials used

This project is environmentally friendly because the main material is natural stone and wood. The rugged and rough nature of the stone in the exterior makes the appearance of metal structures exacerbated and representative. However, the warm colors and the light interior balance all this.  A bamboo deck is used around the pool. Pergola is completely woody and can function as a shelter in sunny weather.