Architectural project of private house

Modern architecture is based on innovative technologies and constructions. This style was founded in the first half of the 20th century. It can be said that it started in Germany with the Bauhaus, with the Lev Corpus in France, and with Frank Lloyd in America. However, Corpusier's contribution to the perception of modern architecture is noteworthy because of his ability to synthesize this style, design and creativity

Main features

Basic materials

Steel, concrete, glass and wood are the four most common materials used in modern buildings. Modern architecture has helped to promote the advantages of the above materials and has prevented their replacement with artificial ones.

Basic forms

Function is the key task and directs the whole form of the structure. This means that the built space we see is the result of its purpose. As Louis Sullivan would say "function is followed by form"


It is worth mentioning  that modern style in architecture aroused human sympathy for bringing elements of nature into buildings. Plain is always sophisticated and distinctive.  whether we speak about style, people or building, we agree that simplicity is never boring.

About the project

The individual dwelling house is located in the highlands, on the edge of the cliff. The house is divided into two different height blocks. The first block is for the living room and the kitchen, and the second is for the bedrooms. The atrium (open garden) combines parts of the house. The location of the building in harsh, foggy and rocky environment, caused to use cold concrete in the facade. (the alternative to replace cold concrete  with slabs in facades is also taken into account)

Materials used

The house is completely revetted with one material - it is made of cold concrete. The strict nature of the building is exactly what this material merits. It can be said that concrete is the backbone of modern architecture and this project, in its simplest forms, fully meets the idea of modern architecture.