Landowners’ Support Project from Iota Group

Increase the price of your land

Increase the price of your land

Any individual that is connected with business knows one simple rule – In order to increase your capital, investment is essential. Investments in themselves are of different kind, as in quality, as well as in other parameters (for example the level of risk), and each promise of quick and riskless fortune is, at best, related to lies and often to so-called “fraud”. Dispelling the latter, by initiating Landowners’ support campaign “Increase the capital without investment in advance”, is the goal of Iota Group.

Due to existing time of crisis, which could be described in the following manner: Problems in the structure of capital, negative cash flow, cash deficit etc., Iota Group, as the entity operating in Real Estate industry, decided to elaborate post pandemic business model, which encompasses the support program of landowners - “Increase the capital without investment”.

“Landowners’ Support Project” implies the following: Iota Group will, with no advance payments, bear all the necessary costs and resources for creating the construction regulation plan (CRP) on the piece of lands, on which it is feasible to create the CRP. The reimbursement of the service costs, which could be through cash and/or a part of land, based on the predetermined terms of the agreement, will be possible after the approval of CRP.

The simple calculations depicted above, can let us conclude that the offer to the potential customer is a game that cannot be lost. By joining, the program, the landowner might be able to increase the value of its capital by two or three-figure percentage and pay the service fee (based on predetermined terms of their own wish) only after the results have been reached.