Preparing Architectural Project

  • Creating a Site Plan
  • Creating a framework plan

The agreed terms on the use of land plot for construction:

  • Preparing the topography plan
  • Preparing dendrological plan
  • Photo material depicting the current situation
  • Preparing greening project

Project agreement and construction permit

Defining architectural conception and preparing a project

  • Master Plan
  • Planning
  • Sections
  • Facades
  • Visualization and photomontage
  • Constructive project

Conformity of the project according to the 41st  resolution of the Government of Georgia

Project of internal communications:

  • Designing water supply, sewage and drainage systems.
  • Ventilation project
  • Designing heating-cooling system
  • Fire safety design
  • Designing electricity supply
  • Designing weaker channels
  • Temporary and permanent circuits of the traffic movement
  • Project expenses